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My wife Cindy and I have owned several houses over our lifetime.  We have traveled quite a bit having spent 20 years in the military.  Recently we decided to move into a smaller home since our children had grown and moved into their own living quarters.  Our search was quite extensive as we explored all alternatives including the Villa homes.  Then we saw our house, which was built by Riead Home Construction.  This house is not only impressive to the eye but is well built.  The quality is far above most houses on the market today.  The appliances, cabinets, and energy saving features are all top notch.  We are very fortunate to have found this house.  Don is not only our builder but now has become a very good friend.  He is always available to talk to and stands behind his work 100%.  There is no one building houses today that take more pride in their work than Riead Home Construction.  You can be sure that you have bought a very sound house if Riead Home Construction built it.  Needless to say, we are very happy with our new home. I would be glad to talk with anyone or show them our new home.

Cindy & Larry Turner


When we began searching for a new home in Kearney, we had the opportunity to visit construction sites and actually observe construction crews at work. As we compared the work by various builders, we noticed a definite better quality construction being done by Riead Home Construction. We quickly made our decision to purchase a Riead home in Cedar Woods. Don definitely was a pleasure to work with through the various steps of home construction. He accepted our many changes and positively dealt with those changes. He definitely took pride in his work and was a perfectionist.
Our home is two years old, and Don still makes himself available to us making sure we are happy with our home. Don follows through with any needs of his homebuyer to make sure they are satisfied with their homes.
Many of our friends have had new homes built, and we've heard about what a horrible experience it is. We can definitely say that with Don and Riead Home Construction, it was a pleasure.

Dan and Jenita Kennedy


I am writing to you in regards to our new home purchase.  We had looked around for the right home to fit all of our family needs and to fit into our budget.  We had thought about buying an older home, but there was no comparison.  As soon as we walked into the house we noticed all of the attention to detail that you and your company had put into it. We would also like to remark on the fact that every question or concern that we have had with the house has been promptly answered and taken care of.   We would like you to know that we are very pleased with our decision to buy our home from your company and not someone else.  We would gladly recommend you and your company to anyone we know that would be making a new home purchase.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  It would be nice to see more new home contractors like you, keep up the good work!! 

                                                                     Happy Homeowners Eric and Angie


My spouse (Brian) and I found John, Don and Alan Riead of Riead Home Construction to be, at all times, honest, courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable during all of the various phases during the purchase of one of their new homes. Their objectives are to build safe, secure and heat-efficient homes at an affordable and competitive price.  The Rieads provide a good product for a good price and that is indeed rare to see today in this market of aggressive competition. 

As a builder, Don never puts his own interests ahead of his customers and he often goes to great lengths to explain and advise.  We feel this is so important during the current housing market trend where there seems to be an attitude of “take it as it is or someone else will!”.  He prides himself in 100% customer satisfaction.  While he is a great builder, he is also backed by very dedicated staff that he treats with great respect and devotion.  This is evident in their workmanship in their homes and in their interactions with us as customers and friends.  Don is always open to suggestions and looking for ways to improve their homes while at the same time attempting to meet everyone’s needs who will live in the home.  And, in the event he can not answer a question, he is always prompt in following-up with you.  He has much dedication and pride in his properties, as it is not unusual to see him coming up to your door after hours or even on weekends.  His commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm are definitely commendable and exemplary.

When we first toured the Rieads’ home located in Smithville, we found their home to be quality built.  We were immediately impressed with the workmanship of the home.  The attention to the little details, particularly with the cabinets and wood floor in the kitchen and custom built mantel with an accent light in the living room is what sold us on Riead Home Construction.  We knew that we finally had found the builder who had not only built our current home, but who will continue to build for our family. 

After having the opportunity to live in our new home for 6 months and now going through the process of finishing the basement, we have found that Reiad Home Construction goes all out to please their customers and is most helpful in assisting in the many decisions a homeowner must make during the remodeling process.

If a home buyer wants Quality, Service, Reliability, and a Better Value, then the only choice is a Riead Home Construction home.  Brian and I feel that you will not find a more dedicated and honest home builder in the Kansas City area than Don Riead of Riead Home Construction.  We know firsthand that Don is a quality builder who not only builds houses, but works incessantly to ensure it is so much more than just a “house” for your family.  We certainly recommend with high honor that you allow Riead Home Construction to build your family’s next “house”.  The house only becomes a “home” when your family lives within the structure Riead Home Construction is proud to build.

The Helmichs


Dear Don, 
Sandra and I are sending you this note today to tell you how happy we are with the new home we purchased from your company just over a year ago. When we realized we were moving to the area, we looked at a large number of homes in the region and this one stood out as having the highest quality of construction as well as the best value of all the homes we looked at both new and pre owned. We've found the utility cost to be very low during the winter as well as the summer, no doubt evidence of the great insulation and attention to detail during construction. Sandra is very pleased with the living room and kitchen floor plan and I really enjoy the oversize garage/work area as well as the basement. As with any new home, we've had a couple of minor issues needing attention and when we've contacted you, we've been completely satisfied with how quickly you have responded and resolved them.

Thank you so much for making our new home ownership such a pleasurable experience.
Here's hoping you have a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year!

J. R. & Sandra Knudsen


My husband Ron and I had been looking for a ranch style for some time. One of the problems was we loved the home we were in. However, the search needed to continue because of health reasons; we needed everything on one level. Like many baby boomers we now had a parent in our care to consider as well. We enlisted the help of a real estate agent who showed us several housed. When he showed the Riead house, well for both of us to like everything about it was a plus. On we went to other houses but came back to this one because of quality and workmanship. In talking with the builder we knew it was the one for us; you’d be surprised what a difference the builder makes. This one puts quality and structure first which was our number one concern, all the prettys are nice but they don’t hold up a house. Mr. Riead has gone above and beyond for us doing little things even after closing. A few of the things that impressed us about him are his love and enjoyment for his chosen professions, that he surrounds himself with others who seem to be just like him, and he always has time for me when I call.

We have invited neighbors in and some of the comments are “this is a beautiful home; our home is not this nice or detailed as well.”

If you go with a Riead home you won’t be disappointed—we who have are not.

Ron and Judy Laughman


Dear John, Alan & Don:

Charles and I would like to thank you all for making our dream come true. A little over a year ago we looked just about everywhere for the right home for us. Moving to Kearney was something I thought we would never do until we came across one of your homes. When we first saw our house, we fell in love with it immediately.

When we asked for a tour of the home, we were pleasantly pleased with the quality of the home. As we walked through the house, we could see that it was very well put together. From the cabinets to the trim work, the quality of the workmanship was something that we looked for in a new home. The energy saving features of our house has definitely saved us on our utility bills.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a wonderful home and a great team of builders. We will definitely recommend you all to our friends and family that are looking for a new home.

Charles and Ruth Emery


We are the Turner Family.  We bought our home from Riead Home Construction in March 2007.  We are a young family and at the time we had just gotten out of the Military and had been in the Kansas City area for about 9 months.  We have a little girl going on two and we were pregnant with our second little girl who was due in July.  We were dreading the “house hunting”.  The home that we ended up buying was the third house that we looked at and the last house that we looked at.  We walked into this home and we just loved the way that it was built and styled and it just felt like home; not to mention that it was a brand new home that was in our price range!  We couldn’t believe it.

Then something special happened.  We met the builder.  Don was amazing.  From the first introduction you could tell that he really puts a lot of work, along with his heart and soul, into his homes.  He really cares about the people that will be living there.  He answered every question that we asked and every question that we didn’t ask.  When we showed up for the final walk through Don handed us a list of even the most minute details, which most people don’t even notice, that he wanted to have done before we moved in.  This was another huge sign that he really wanted this to be the perfect home for us. Everyone that he works with: Alan, Mike, Don, Brent, Keenan, they are all extremely good people and they are the same way in how much they care about their work and the people they are working for…us.  Don believes in both quantity and quality.  He really wants to give you the most bang for your buck and he wants to get you into a home that you can afford and one that you are going to love.  We never dreamed that our first home would be such a beautiful home, let alone be a brand new home!

They are not the kind of outfit to sell and run either.  From time to time Don stops by or Don calls me to make sure everything with the house is going okay.  He also asks if he can do anything for us whether it be fixing something or just picking up something that we may need.  Just the other day after Don stopped by to check on us and the house he turned on our Christmas lights for us because he didn’t want my wife to have to go out in the cold to turn them on because I was at work.  It’s little things like that, that make them so different.

In May 2007 our second little girl, Liberty, was born early and with a genetic problem.  She spent about 4 months at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Don not only called in to check on her and how we were doing but they also watered our brand new sod everyday while we camped out in the hospital.  Not only that but he used the water from the house next to ours; which Don was still paying the water bill for that house.  He was always there for us to talk to about things as well.  He is a wonderful, hard working Christian and he always took the time, no matter how long, to stand there and talk about Liberty with us and listen to our feelings and frustrations. 

He is a part of our family.  He has really helped take care of us and our home.  From prayers to cards, to donations to help with our huge hospital bills, to donations to help pay for our daughter’s funeral; Don and his team have been there for us supporting us every step of the way.  Our little baby girl Liberty died two days after she turned 5 months.  And Don took the time out of his schedule to come to the church and be there for her service, for her celebration of life for the 5 short months that we were blessed to have her.  That is not normal for a builder to do.  He has played with our two year old daughter Aspen who now calls him “Uncle” Don, he held our precious baby Liberty in his arms for an hour while we talked in front of our house.  He has grieved with us and celebrated with us in everything that we have experienced since we have met him. 

He cares about people; and you are not going to find that too often in someone who is in this business.  My wife was a real estate agent and she has never known a builder to be like Don.  Our realtor who worked with Don on all of the details for this house told us the same thing.  That is a huge compliment to him and the type of person that he is and the people that work with him.  Don says that it’s not the house that is most important to him; but the people that are going to be living in the house that are important.  Believe me when I say that you will not find a builder who works harder, who will build you a better home and who will care about you more than Don Riead and the Riead Home Construction team.  That is why he works so hard, that is why he cares so much about us.  That is why we bought this house and that is why Don will be building our next home in the future.  It is our hope that this has helped you in your decision to buy a home for your family.  Blessing to you and your family,

God Bless,
The Turner Family